Friday: A Conversation at Conversational Threads with Brooklyn Boy Knits and Corrado Lark Knits


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A Conversation at Conversational Threads with Brooklyn Boy Knits and Corrado Lark Knits

6:30pm- 9pm
$20 (40 Tickets available)

Join us for this exciting event to kick off the 2019 Allentown Fiber Festival Weekend!
Louis Boria of Brooklyn Boy Knits and Corrado Lark of Corrado Lark Knits will be having an
intimate conversation about their life and experiences in the Fiber Arts. The talk will be
followed by a formal Q & A session and an informal Meet & Greet.
Light food and refreshments will be provided.
Come and enjoy this special evening with us!

Artist Bios
Louis Boria– “It was all a dream … ”
Have you ever had one of those extremely vivid dreams? You wake up and can't tell if you were
dreaming or remembering because it just felt so real. Well, I had a dream like that about
knitting. Except up to that point, I had never so much as tied a knot let alone knit or purl.
But I woke up that morning after that dream and my hands were in the air as if they were
holding needles. Intrigued, I started watching knitting videos on YouTube and taught myself
how to knit.
That was 11 years ago. Since then, knitting has become my passion, my creative outlet, my
obsession. I love changing people's perspectives on knitting. This isn’t your grandma's knitting.
No one should have a fear of doing what they love because of fear of judgment from others, or
what others may think. For me, one of the best “side effects” of my knitting is that I’m helping
to break down barriers and expectations about gender roles. Loving what you do shouldn’t be
limited by what’s considered "normal" based on gender.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, my creations are bold, colorful urban couture, inspired by the city I
love – New York.  I find inspiration on the subway, walking down the street, crossing the bridge,
watching the sun set on the ever-changing city skyline. Most of all, I’m inspired by my
customers. I love to collaborate with them to create their perfect, one-of-a-kind piece.
I started Brooklyn Boy Knits in 2011 after many requests from family and friends. It wasn’t until
2017 that it turned into a business. Thanks to a fateful subway knitting session that was
captured by none other than Frenchie Davis. After she spotted me on the train and posted a
photo of me that went viral, more and more people began to hear, see, and learn of my story.

Thanks to Frenchie’s post, my story has now been featured on the New York Daily News, NY1,
Brooklyn News 12, The Karen and Jeffery Show on Fresh 102.7, Tea with Shira for Lion Brand
Yarn Company, CBS New York News, Telemundo, Univision, Fox News, 60 Sec Docs, All Def
Nation and Knitwear Magazine, Vogue Knitting Magazine, Knitting Magazine UK.
Since then, I’ve taken my platform and began working with schools and organizations
throughout the east coast. In 2018 I joined Lion Brand’s “Hat Not Hate” Ant bully Campaign, to
help rally against bullying.
My story is proof that if you follow your passion, regardless of what others may think, you will
find success. More importantly, teaching others that through knitting, anything is possible.

Corrado Lark- I look at each knitwear design as a piece of music. There are standards,
there are rules, and there are those who break those rules.
I’ve always been extremely musical. Ever since I was young I sang and performed
songs on whatever stage I could find. While on the road touring, I picked up the art of
knitting through a window into the yarny world, YouTube.
My first released design was a shawl intended to help teach my brother’s girlfriend how
to knit. I learned I had a passion for helping others learn knitting techniques, all while
teaching myself.
In this, I’ve created many patterns that can be played, or knit, like short scores or
symphonies. Each plays a different melody, and each can easily stick in your head. In
looking at my work thus far, I’m somewhat of a jazz musician with my designs. I’m proud
and honored to have found a community that accepts my work, and embraces me.