Saturday: Demystifying Thumb Gussets and Raglan Increases


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3-5 pm In Tent
$35 Corrado Lark
Demystifying Thumb Gussets and Raglan Increases (Max 8 – Min 3 Students)
Goals: To feel comfortable using the yarnover and reverse yarnover technique, which easily
replaces make-one increases in any pattern worked in the round. If you’ve ever lost track of
which row you’re increasing on, you know how frustrating it can be. This is an alternative
method which makes it near impossible to forget which row you’re on.
Come to class with: A skein of yarn and magic looping needle or DPNs. If knitting “Crater &
Stream” including the brioche-less version, knit up to “The Middle”.
Pre-requisites: Comfortable casting on and using any method to increase and decrease.
Optional accompanying pattern: ”Crater & Stream” available on Ravelry. Soon to have a version
without brioche for classroom purposes.

Corrado Lark is a knitwear designer based out of Astoria, NY. He loves playing with
color and texture in his designs, and helping other knitters learn new techniques.