Saturday: “Designing Your Own Hat”With “Brooklyn Boy Knits”with Louis Boria


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“Designing Your Own Hat”
With “Brooklyn Boy Knits”, Louis Boria
$30 Louis Boria (Max 20 – Min 10 Students)

In this class I will be demonstrating how to design your own hat using simple templates.
Brim work:
– Starting with the best cast on technique for hats (Long tail vs. German Twist Cast on).
– Deciding your hat fit (fitted vs. slouchy) and how many stitches to cast on.
– Benefits of knitting with elastic thread.
– Striping brims (Using multiple colors on the brim).
– 1×1 vs. 2×2 ribbing
-Brim length.
Body (deciding on construction):
– Selecting the right stitches for the body of the hat
– How to determine what stitches work well together.
– Discussing the importance of pairing stitches based on stitch sequence (multiples of 2 vs. 3).
– Adding simple cables.
– How to translate stitch instruction from knitting flat to knitting in the round.
– Determining how many inches to knit the body.
Working the Crown and finishes:
– Using simple math to determine your decreases for the crown.
– Explaining why we knit a row in between our decrease rows.
– weaving in ends properly.
Other things that will be discussed in this class:
– Combing different fibers and different weights to create those special hats.
– What to do when your brim gets over stretched.
– Adding pom poms, Tassels, and patches.

Students are encouraged to start the brim of at hat using US size 7 (16” circulars). 2×2
rib for 4”. Not a must but it’ll be helpful. They should use worsted weight yarn and also
bring a size 8 and 9 16” Circular and Double Pointed Needles .
I will provide handouts for this class.