Sunday: Lecture: “The Community We Stitch Together” With Creative Ceci & Brooklyn Boy Knits


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1:30pm- 3:30pm
$15 Cecilia Nelson-Hurt & Louis Boria   (40 tickets)
Lecture: “The Community We Stitch Together through Diversity”
(2 hour duration)

Join Cecilia Nelson-Hurt (Creative Ceci) and Louis Boria (Brooklyn Boy Knits) for an informative and interactive conversation on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the Fiber/Crafting Community. During the session, we will cover:

– Diversity & Inclusion
– Belonging
– Why Diversity is critical to creativity and innovation
– Barriers to Inclusion
– Recognizing your own Bias/Privilege
– Actions you can take to be intentionally inclusive

Louis Boria of Brooklyn Boy Knits (also known as the viral subway knitter), will also share his story of
coming into the Fiber Arts and how it’s taken him to building communities through teaching,
school projects. Louis will be talking about his current anti bully project, “Hat Not Hate” and
how fiber artists can get involved.